1. Can I drink this tea if I am pregnant?


This tea is not recommended for pregnant women. Active ingredients can cause uterine contractions.


2. Can kids drink this tea?


This tea is not recommended for kids under the age of 12.


3. Does this tea contain caffeine?


Yes our teas contain caffeine which help increase your metabolism and energy.


4. Does my hair have to be natural to benefit from vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair?


You do not have to be natural to benefit from vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair. Your hair can benefit greatly from any lost nutrition during any chemical process.


5. How long does it take to see results from drinking this tea?


The results may vary according to the individual, however most customers notice less shedding, shine and thickness before they finish their first bag.


6. Can I drink Healthy Hair Growth Tea and Restore Green Tea at the same time?


If you drink both teas it is recommended for you to drink 1 tea in the morning and your 2nd tea mid day or evening. Another option of drinking both teas would be to alternate day to day.


7. How often should I drink either tea?


It is recommended for you to drink at least 1 cup daily (8 oz to 10 oz) but drinking more is a personal preference and will cause no harm.


8. Can I add any sweetner to my tea?


Yes, you may add any natural sweeteners, honey or sugar. Please refrain from adding any milk or cream to your tea because it may lower antioxidant levels in the tea.


9. Can all races benefit from this tea?


Yes our teas are beneficial throughout all races.


10. Does this tea cause hair growth all over the body?


Sip and Grow teas are formulated to increase blood circulaton to the scalp to stimulate hair growth.


11. How many tea bags are in each bag?


There are 14 tea bags in each bag which is equivalent to a 2 week supply when drinking one cup daily.


12. Can men drink these teas?


Yes men can drink and benefit from Sip and Grow Teas.


13. Can you refrigerate the tea?


Yes our teas are good to drink hot or cold. (Please, do not add ice)

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