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  • Green Tea is packed with antioxidants which benefits the hair and scalp by preventing hair loss. Green tea soothes dandruff and psoriasis while containing Vitamin C, Vitamin E and panthenol. Panthenol strengthens and softens hair preventing split ends while the Vitamin E restores dry and/or damaged hair and Vitamin C guards against damaging from UV radiation.


  • Black Tea is full of antioxidants and caffeine that help hair become stronger while helping maintain its strength and elasticity to decrease breakage. The caffeine located in black tea benefits by blocking the DHT from causing the hair to shed. Black tea also helps increase thickness adn decreases hair loss.


  • Horsetail contains the mineral silica which works to strengthen your bones, nails and hair. The silica in horsetail also improves sheen and texture. Horsetail also contains selenium which is a mineral that is essential for the proper growth of your hair as it helps your body process iodine which regulates hair growth. A deficiency in selenium can lead to slow hair growth consuming horsetail which can help the intake of these minerals in your diet.


  • Elder Flowers help soothe a dry, irrtiated scalp, softens hair and helps dry and damaged hair. Elder flowers also give lustrous shine to hair and strengthens hydration.


  • Sage is effective in encouraging new hair growth as it improves circulation to the scalp providing nutrition for the hair follicles. Sage contains beta-sitosterol which is a 5-alpha reductase compound which has been found to be effective in treating male pattern baldness.


  • Thyme delivers nutrients to the hair follicles which is vital for hair growth. Thyme improves blood circulation to the scalp and thickens the hair adding lustrous. Due to its antibacterial properties , thyme is effective in the treatment of dandruff.


  • Nettle is a trusted method of reducing hair loss and encouraging hair regrowth. Nettle improves the condition of hair providing hair follicles with vitamins and minerals to produce stronger and healthier hair. A handful of dried nettle can provide hair follicles with nutrients such as potassium, iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C from the inside containing around 40% protein.


  • Catnip promotes healthy hair growth and reduces the occurence of split ends and breakage.


  • Chamomile adds shine and softness to the hair while soothing the scalp.


  • Cayenne Pepper is a rich source of capsaicin which is a compound that is responsible for stimulating hair growth. Capsaicin triggers the hair follicles and scalp by creating a tingling sensation.This causes an increased blood flow from the hair follicles and scalp by creating a tingling sensation which causes an increased blood flow from the hair root to the follicles. This supply of nutrient rich blood to the follicles creates a favorable environment for faster hair growth. Cayenne pepper also gives the hair natural volume and shine.


  • Basil Leaf has stimulant properties to increase blood flow. The increased blood flow helps hair growth.


  • Rosemary treats dandruff and gives hair a nice glossy look. Its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help treat dandruff. Rosemary is known to increase circulation in the body and the increased circulatory effects to the scalp help hair grow faster and healthier.


 *All of our herb importers and blend partners are FDA registered and follow strict food and safety regulations. 

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